InterLinkConference | Communicating the Impact of the Best Mattress for Back Pain on Wellness
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Communicating the Impact of the Best Mattress for Back Pain on Wellness

Communicating the Impact of the Best Mattress for Back Pain on Wellness

Mattresses are designed for so many reasons one of which is to provide the necessary support for the back of a person’s body. A mattress is considered bad when it does not meet the above need for support and comfort. The best mattress for back pain is in a position to provide the comfort desired for a good night’s sleep. For a back pain patient, the spinal area of the back needs the necessary rest as they lay on their mattress.

Gel mattresses have the characteristics described for the best mattress for back pain. With respect to comfort, they are medium-firm, which means the amount of comfort gotten from gel mattresses are significant enough for a good night’s sleep. A back pain patient needs to allow both the shoulders and hip sink into the mattress as they lay down to sleep. This is the best sleeping position of a low back pain patient. Among the various reasons why we sleep is to meet our needs of comfort, getting energized and reinvigorated. A mattress is considered good for a low back pain patient if the patient wakes up without feeling any form of discomfort.

There has been various research carried to ensure low back pain patients have good night experience on the best mattress for back pain. Mattresses comprise of various materials, one of which is the mattress stuffing. The mattress stuffing comprises of various materials, which include feathers, cotton, gel, and wool. Research brought about the innovation of coils and springs as additional provision for support in a mattress. Further research led to the use of water and air as an alternative for the provision of comfort. As research advances, the need to meet the comfort needs of low back pain are resolved effectively with no negative feedback.


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