InterLinkConference | SEO and Social Media Influencers – Kim Dao Job and Lifestyle Tips
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SEO and Social Media Influencers – Kim Dao Job and Lifestyle Tips

SEO and Social Media Influencers – Kim Dao Job and Lifestyle Tips

Users of YouTube commonly known as YouTubers invent their personalized YouTube channels and Video blog (Vlog). With time and dedication, they tend to have subscribers who sign up to follow their channel. The more the population of subscribers, the more they advance in terms of followership, incomes for advertisement, promotions and some free stuff when reviewing. In the case of Kim Dao Job, she developed some kind of attraction for YouTube and not as a career but with time, dedication and a bit of luck, it has eventually turned into a career with a good stream of income. No matter what, it all boils down to doing the thing that you love and probably making some income out of it.

Kim Dao, of Vietnamese-Australian origin, is not the only somebody who loves the Japanese arts and cultures and shares her experience on YouTube but also a passionate makeup artist who shares videos of her everyday experience of makeup style exhibited in Japan.

Among her video collections, there is one targeted at visitors who just arrived Japan and want to explore by trying out some out of the numerous Japanese beauty products. Dao also introduces the visitors in her drug store video to some popular eye shadow, some kind of facial cosmetics, and foundations making the visitors feel comfortable.

Advantages of Taking a YouTube as a career?

You should be conversant with the fact that YouTube is very popular and it is very common among people who are up to 25 years (though they might also be on Facebook, Twitter, and amazon – but nothing is permanent and trends can change quickly).

There are numerous users of YouTube who take it as a career as is the case with any other Kim Dao Job. You might not make a lot of money from it and it might not later turn out to be your main career, however, nothing stops you from trying. It might later turn out to be something you love and have a big passion for and gives you a little money with numerous experience and skills useful in life. Things might also turn out from good to the best.


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