InterLinkConference | Why Are Players Buying Pokemon Go Account For Huge Sums Of Money?
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Why Are Players Buying Pokemon Go Account For Huge Sums Of Money?

Why Are Players Buying Pokemon Go Account For Huge Sums Of Money?

Pokémon GO has every woman, child, and man scaling the hills, cities, and lakes on the lookout for their favorite Pokémon. However, it seems like some individuals are looking to take the quickest way out. In what is a very surprising turn of events, people are really buying Pokemon go account online and for a lot of money.

As the Pokémon GO craze firms its roots deeper into our everyday lives, it appears like not all of us want to strive to capture Pokémon for ourselves, rather electing to buy a Pokedex that’s already populated with online auction sites. Sites such as Craigslist and eBay have witnessed accounts range from some hundred dollars to thousands.

The price of an account is dependent on various factors. This all depends on what Pokémon the player has, what level they are and really the number of Pokémon they possess. An account that has a high-level trainer and Pokémon that could wield combat powers more than 1,000 points are the most common accounts it would seem to interested buyers.

Of course, Niantic doesn’t allow such activity. After all, it is basically cheating. Players that do buy and sell these accounts are at the risk of being banned and potentially missing out on a lot of money. Craigslist and eBay normally don’t permit the exchange of online accounts on their site — WoW happens to be an example of this — however it seems that, so far, they have failed to pick up on this.

As more and more accounts are up for sale the average price has decreased but, as per the report from the Wall Street Journal, over 100 Pokémon Go accounts went on sale at some stage; a level 21 with five potent Pokémon was being sold for $600.

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