InterLinkConference | Check this out to read more about making your outdoor spa more relaxing with guitar music
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Check this out to read more about making your outdoor spa more relaxing with guitar music

Check this out to read more about making your outdoor spa more relaxing with guitar music

One of the most interesting conferences I went to involved a large outdoor spa. Let’s get one thing clear, when people take part of their clothes off, it is often an awkward situation, but it can also be quite fun. This conference was an academic conference and it really was kind of weird seeing a lot of well-known names basically let their hair down and enjoy some spa time with other conference attendees. As relaxing as a spa is, it can be quite stressful if you are hanging out with toxic people.

The problem with attending a conference is that, they are like a box of chocolates. You remember the movie, “Forrest Gump”? Forrest said that, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what you will get. Some chocolates are sweet, soft and tasty; others are hard, bitter and some are even sour and nasty. But whatever they case may be, you just don’t know what you would get.

Conferences are exactly like this. Holding out some sort of spa didn’t exactly add to the sense of ease people are looking for. Instead, it actually created some tension, because, while they are supposed to be relaxing with clothes partially on, some people are like sizing each other up. It’s a bad habit for people to size each other up intellectually or academically, but it’s much even worse to size each other up physically.

What could really save the day is relaxing guitar music. I am talking about live music, not a music that is pumped into some sort of system, but rather, live musicians playing acoustic guitar.

When I hear Pink Floyds, “Wish You Were Here” performed by a really great guitarist, it really eased my mind. I was no longer thinking about the social pyramid, or the reputations of people there, I couldn’t care less. I was just there to enjoy myself and that is why that particular conference was so memorable to me and it was definitely a success. Much of it was due to the guitar music.

I was so inspired that I decided to read more about the guitars that they are playing from review plays. After reading enough materials from that website, I decided to pick my own and started playing my version of that Pink Floyd’s song.

There’s just something about that song that truly haunts my soul and forces me, against all odds, to actually focus on the present moment. I call it a melodic meditative musical piece. No other description would do it any kind of justice. Bar none. When the riff starts in the opening, you can’t help but be drawn in, tuned in, and transported into another place.

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