InterLinkConference | Take your outdoor space experiences to the next level with the right solar lights for garden layouts
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Take your outdoor space experiences to the next level with the right solar lights for garden layouts

Take your outdoor space experiences to the next level with the right solar lights for garden layouts

Make no mistake about it, when you engage in some sort of outdoor conference, you really have to have an eye detail. Otherwise, your event is going to be a failure. I know that sounds kind of harsh, I know it definitely sounds extreme in context, but let’s be real here.

In most cases you only have one chance in making a great impression. You probably already know this. In fact, if you are reading this and you have a job you know how to process words.  When you show up in a job interview, you only have one shot to sell them on you. If you don’t sell them, you don’t close the deal, then forget about it. That’s how it works. You know this already. That’s why you have a job. In some level or another , it worked out for you.

Believe it or not, if you are holding some sort of outdoor convention, or exhibition or conference, you are selling people. You are branding them at some level or other based on your experience of outdoor event. Don’t let anybody fool you into thinking otherwise.

The problem here is that, there are so many details to keep on track of; there is security, there is food, there are the booths, the presenters, the speaker, the whole nine yards. In fact, it feels like you are juggling so many balls up in the air and these balls are on fire. Not exactly a stress-free environment.  Unfortunately, when people allow themselves to be stressed, sooner or later staff falls between the cracks.

This happens all the time, in fact this happens to the very best of us. So do yourself a big favor: look at your outdoor space experience for your conference from a completely different pair of eyes. Forget about your old assumptions. Let them go for a moment. Instead, think to yourself, what would be the best way to keep things moving smoothly even if Mother Nature turn out all the lights.

In other words, after the sunsets, how should your event look like? Well, here’s the thing: one of the worst things you can do is to hire some sort of generation bank and these generators pump power into your outdoor mobile lighting. Bad idea, seriously. Why? Generators make a lot of noise.

There’s a lot of hype regarding silent generators or so-called latest generation silent generators. Don’t believe the hype. Generators will always make a lot of noise. This is why I would suggest that  if you don’t want to kill the mood or the ambiance of the overall professionalism that you have worked so hard for for your outdoor event, you need to let go of those ideas instead think of something new. I suggest that you get solar lights for garden layouts.

Regardless of whether you are holding an outdoor event or conference in a garden or not, solar lights for garden settings can make a truly great impression. The lights are nice and soft, they don’t grab center stage, and they are also powered by the sun.

So you win on two levels, not only do your conference attendees get word of the fact that you care enough of  Mother Earth, that you go the whole nine yards with solar lights garden, but the overall ambiance are very nice, professional and memorable. This is how you really make a great impression.



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