InterLinkConference | Learning Hunting Tips Can Prepare You for Your Next Conference
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Learning Hunting Tips Can Prepare You for Your Next Conference

Learning Hunting Tips Can Prepare You for Your Next Conference

I remember the first time I went hunting. It really was quite a mind-blowing experience because it was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I had to wait for a long time. I had to move very slowly and I had to pay attention to details.

Sound familiar? Well, if you’re building a career or building a business, this should sound familiar. Let’s face it, life is not the movies.

If you watch a movie regarding the rise of a business, you probably cut to the chase. You probably start with a person struggling in some sort of garage, maybe pounding away on a cheap computer. It looks like a very depressing environment.

Then, you fast forward a few years and this person is worth billions of dollars living in some sort of spaceship-type complex funded by the billions and billions of dollars that his online business helped make possible.

Do you see how this works? Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. There are a lot of transitions in between and this is why it’s really a good idea to learn how to be a hunter, regardless of what you do.

I remember going on that hunting trip and learning a little bit of discipline. It wasn’t much, but apparently it was enough for me to succeed when I went to my next conference. I learned how to hold my tongue. I learned to scan the room and pick the most optimal prospect.

I then waited for that person to approach me or open himself up to me and then I zeroed in with a slow, well-paced, and well-calculated presentation. I didn’t push it. I had nothing to prove. It didn’t look like I had anything to prove and I got the deal.

That’s how it works and I owe it all to the mindset that I got when I went hunting. Make no mistake. Most people who go to sales conferences would jump in with both feel immediately.

They don’t even scan the room. They just look for the person that they know pays a lot of money for a particular contract. So, just like everybody else in that room, they zero in on that person and they step over each other and create a mess. It really is a mess.

Well, you don’t have to do that. By learning how to become a good hunter, you learn about the patience and deliberation you need to zero in on the kill.

I’m not necessarily talking about physically killing the target. I’m talking about zeroing in on the sale on the contract, on the promotion. Whatever it is you’re after, hunting tips can help you become a better performer.


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