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About Us

Are you a fan of web design and web applications? Do you want to know about the latest technologies in terms of search engine optimization and pages crawling? If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, then you should definitely consider attending the annual Interlink Conference.

First held in 2011, this amazing conference has gathered together project managers from some of the most important companies around the world, a team of SEO experts delegated by Google and lots of young and eager to learn web programmers. During the entire program, presentations are made on each category apart, by specialists from all around the globe.

New concepts, principles and ways of thinking are presented and along with them, the entire road to the current state of modern Internet designing. Young teams are encouraged to have presentations on modern and complex projects that personalize the Internet of Things concepts, through the prize pool available each year.

Interlink Conference Categories

Since its first creating, the Interlink Conference handles the information infrastructure on the entire Internet and expresses worldwide concerns about its stability, security and innovation.

The main categories of the conferences program are web design, web applications and SEO. All these gathered together cover more than 80% of the concepts that stand at the base of the Internet creation.

In order to attract as many people as possible, the organizing team is opened to proposals of introducing new domains of activity, with the condition to exist at least 3 presentations inside the newly introduced topic. The kindness and open-minded attitude of the staff is specific to the Canadian style and their intelligence and experience over this domain is for a high importance for the entire community.

Held in Canada every year, the distance and implications required for the European and Asian corporations to participate are complex and of high costs.

Thus, a reason of the American companies boost on the online market may be associated by some with the annual presence of their CEOs at this unique and special event. For sure the truth can be found somewhere between these affirmations, but as usual, the seed of truth remains in the worldwide declarations.

Price Considerations

As usual, the price for the annual Interlink Conference will be determined with 3 months ahead, the same time tickets will be available to be bought.

Due to fact that the personalities which are participating at the famous event are from the top level category, in order to allow you to spend more time in their company, this year’s conference will be planned on a 2 day calendar.

Thus, the price of the tickets will include the accommodation to a 3* hotel and the entrance on the conference room. Also, in the ticket price you will find the opportunity to participate at the after party event.

For the participants at the Interlink Conference, the entrance will be free at any of these stated events. In this way, the organizing staff members are promoting and encouraging young and skilled programmers and designers to perform a PowerPoint presentation and to share with the whole world their project design and their beliefs about the Internet’s functionality and vulnerabilities.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.