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SEO Concepts

One of the most important activities inside the Interlink Conference is represented by the presentation of the modern search engine optimization updates that will be performed upon the Google search engine.

The term SEO refers to the process of increasing the ranking and value of a certain website in the eyes of a search engine. Thus, when searching for certain keywords, the SEOed website is most likely to be a top result, despite of a webpage that has no SEO performed on it.

There are various methods and technologies created in order to perform SEO on a website, some of them even being rejected by Google for having a malicious approach.

Backlink Principle

The equivalent words for backlinks are votes of confidence. In order to acquire a high on-page SEO score, your website should be referred on other major domains.

The authority of a site is one of the major factors that affect the SEO score. Based on the number of referrals on other high authority sites, the score your own webpage may increase little of more.

Actions like guest posting and graphical PTP can be performed in order to create your manual backlinks. Even though the effort is huge, the results won’t stop showing up and your site boost will please you completely.

Conversion Optimization Concept

Conversion optimization process refers to the volume of traffic that your site has on a regular basis. Usually, the most common action performed by the laziest persons is to pay a few bucks and get your site an immediate consistent amount of traffic. This is a result of an instant access of some cloud computers to your site, thing that will raise your position in the keyword search ranking.

As expected, with a bigger traffic, your website will increase its SEO score and it will have a better reputation in the eyes of a search engine. Depending on the SEO methods applied to boost your site’s traffic, more or less influence will be put on this aspect.

Schema Markup Design

In order to achieve a good Google indexing and to get on the top results for some specific keywords, the content present on your site must have some certain specification. All your text written inside the site must be unique and for a high informational value.

Besides that, the form in which you are presenting it is also very important. Some basic principles state the existence of at least one subtitle inside the article with the H1 and H2 headings, the keyword density should not exceed the 3% limit and many more.

For a great understanding of all the concepts and the future constraints and principles that will be introduced in terms of SEO ranking and website authority, I highly recommend you to attend the Interlink Conference or to consult the platform.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.