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Internet of Things

The advances in the modern technology domains have brought the Internet on a whole different level. The current improvements and discoveries created the Internet of Things concept.

Commonly referred as IoT, this fantastic achievement represents the interconnectivity and functionality of devices from all around the world, all performing and processing on the same task, like they would have been incorporated into a single CPU.

Network Connectivity

With the introduction of the IPv6 protocol over the Internet, the security and complexity of the communication protocols and standards increased consistently. Based on these considerations, lots of programmers tried and succeeded in creating the so much referred “cloud computing”.

Cloud computing refers to the manipulation and data processing of the same resources from devices located all around the world, accessible by demand. This kind of revolutionary technology allows us to create nowadays computer clusters with the power of thousands of processing units and allows us to process and manipulate quantities of data and information never to be imagined before.

The components of a cloud computing network can be either servers, personal computers, mobile devices, services and even applications. From the hardware point of view, the most important elements are the personal computers, along with their graphical processing unit. Combining these GPU together you are able to obtain high image resolutions and the ability to zoom up to 500x on a full scale image.

From the software point of view, the services and applications created, stored and run on the cloud computing unit are performing the automatic management of the whole system. Thus, no manual interaction is needed to be made in order to keep the cluster working. You are just required to give it the task to be completed and sit back and relax while thousands of computers and applications are doing all the work for you.

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